Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited
Labuan Branch

Licence No 940026C
Swift Code : -

Labuan Office
AddressLevel 8C, Main Office Tower, Financial Park Labuan, Jalan Merdeka, 87000 Labuan FT, Malaysia
Tel. No087-423381 / 423382
Fax No087-423390
Contact PersonAnthony Ng Kay Hock, General Manager
Ms Diana Pua Hui Men, Operations Manager
Teo Boon Leng, Operations Officer
Corporate Profile / Background
Please refer to http://www.ocbc.com/group/investors/credit-ratings.html for our credit ratings.
Product and Services Offered
Conventional :
  • Credit Facilities
  • Deposits, Remittances and Funds Transfer -
       limited to our customers having credit and business relationships with branch
  • Currency Offered : USD / AUD / EUR / GBP / NZD / HKD
  • Trade Services including Standby Letter of Credit & Bank Guarantee
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